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A little bit of turning, scrollwork, flatwork and scrapwork (just for fun).
sofa table 2
sofa table 1
king clock 2
A clock for my son's 7th birthday.
Cedar lined blanket chest for the wife.  Made of pecan.
White oak desk with red oak panels.
Ash bowl
wormy vase2
cherry vase
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First bowl, made of ash and finished with BLO
The only workbench I've made that wasn't 2x4s and plywood screwed together.
Red oak top with a strip of white oak, soft maple base
End grain pen (cherry, walnut, white oak)
My second, third, and fourth pen.  You don't want to see the first one.
Oak bed
Oak headboard
Oak footboard
The bed is finally finished!
bed 1
oak wall sconce
cherry candle holder
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