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New Work Bench
Here are some construction photos of the new work bench/outfeed table that I built over the holidays.
Finished bench w/power strip installed
2017 01 14 15.07.21
2017 01 14 15.07.12
New drawer for under bench storage
New pull out drawer for under work bench storage
Bench bull in action
Bench bull attached to bench
Clamps modified to use with 3/4 inch holes in bench
Drawer fronts and pulls installed on the deep drawers
Vise dog lines up with holes in bench
Vise dog lines up with holes in work bench
Vise installation complete
View of spacer from under the table
Spacer glued and clamped into position
Spacer for vise installation
Cut out for vise
Top overview
2016 12 28 15.48.53
Full length drawers
2016 12 27 13.19.40
Kraft paper roll
Full length drawers can be pulled or pushed through the openings on the back side
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