Woodworking Talk - Woodworkers Forum - Longknife's Album: My shop
My shop
Northern wall with workbench and handtools
Rest of northern wall
Western wall with clamp rack,SCMS and small power tool storage
Lathe and drill press
SCMS can be slided out to cut long workpieces. (Supported also by DP table)
Scrap bin under SCMS
DP stand and tool storage cabinet
Metal working corner
Grinder slided out of cabinet
South wall with tool cabinet and mechanics workbench
Tool cabinet open
Anvil and machinists' vise
Dust collector
Router table
Combination machine
Eastern wall storage cabinet
Scroll saw slided out
Band saw on mobile stand
Over head lumber storage and combination machine accessories
Eastern wall continued
Eastern wall finishing area
Tormek wet stone grinder slded out
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