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Solid Body Electric Guitar
This project was a serious deviation from furniture building, and was made for my 18YO son. He saved his lawn mowing and bought a cheap Strat clone when he was 15. It was fairly poor quality and even as a young man was never that satisfied with it. I thought he deserved better, but Lord only knows why I thought I could provide that! I don't play. This was one of those projects where I found myself in waaaay over my head, with too many hours invested, and no idea how to complete it. Thank God for the internet and all the good folks who are willing to answer questions and offer help. We built the body from scratch, and bought an existing neck, which simplified things. The back is solid mahogany, the top is curly maple, the pick guard and neck are birdseye maple. Most of the hardware was purchased on Ebay. There are a few flaws, but overall we're really pleased with both the looks and the sound.

We originally wired it with a used pre-assembled set of Strat clone pickups, but replaced that shortly after with a custom arrangement. The new pickups, a DiMarzio D111 in the neck, Duncan 'Lil '59 in the middle, and a double humbucker from my brother's OLP "John Petrucci" really made a huge difference in sound. It's now unique and versatile. We were happy enough with the sound changes, that we ended up building a 5 watt custom tube amp, and 12" speaker to go with it.
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