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Newest lathe turnings
I'm not very experienced on the lathe, but am enjoying the process of learning.
Inspired by Biscobob's turned mushrooms, I had to turn my own.  Although it's not as nice as his, I'm pleased with it.
There were some requests for a picture of the two mills side by side.  So, here they are.
This is the second mill that I have made.  It is the mate to my pepper mill and will house coarse sea salt.  Hence, this is a salt mill.   The wood...
This is my first pepper mill.  I decided to make it out of walnut.  It is also the first time that I have ever worked in walnut.  Nice wood.
IMG 2170
IMG 2169
A potpourri bowl that I made for my wife.  I purchased the cover from Lee Valley.
IMG 2165
This is a mushroom picture frame that I made a few days ago.  There isn't a photo in it yet, but I'm considering changing the frame for a thermometer.
You can actually see my centre lines on some of the fruit.  OOPS.
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