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My Album
Some of my projects and other stuff.
Upper Rogue River
Another Western Juniper Desk Lamp, made from very old weatherd grey juniper wood.
Little Juniper Desk Lamp, finished a 3-31-09
Jeffery squirrel, these are about half the size of the eastern red squirrel.
Juniper Desk Desk Lamp finishe 3-6-9
Large Juniper Table Lamp finished 3-6-9
Small waterfall near the highway along the Umpqua river.
Small Waterfall
Largest floor lamp I've ever made. Thats a 24" piece of granite I used for the attached table.
Western Juniper Lamp
Jack! My what big ears you have!!
Northern Flicker
Queen Western Juniper Bed
Mountain Mahogany Lamp
Western Juniper Lamp
Burled Lodgepole Pine Lamp
One of my favorites. A wild Western Juniper Lamp from a couple years ago.
Western Juniper Table & Lamp
Western Juniper Lamp
Western Juniper Lamp
Western Juniper Lamp
Salt Creek
Salt Creek
Salt Creek
Lab & Rainbows
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