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Picture Table Saw Cover ~ a/k/a Work Station
Disclaimer: I do not have an expensive saw and I do not use a table saw
very often these days.
I do more tinkering on this, that and the other than woodworking projects.
I have used cardboard, hardboard, PVC sheet and magnetic sheet in the past
just to keep paint and glue off the saw table.
now, recently moved into a new house and SEVERELY downsizing, I do not have
a dedicated workbench yet - so the table saw is it. (for now).
anyone that has tried to clamp anything to the edge of a table saw top understands
how "awkward" it can be to get a good clamp on just about anything.
with this the key element in design, the 2x2 skirts the outside of the TS top for clamping.
I used 1/2" cheap plywood and 2x2 lumber for the top. (ripped a 2x4 down the middle).
after assembly of the plywood top, I put several craft sticks on solid parts of the saw top
with a bead of glue. gently lowered the plywood top onto the TS and let it sit.
this provides some ventilation between the two. of course you can cut the craft sticks
into smaller pieces if you wanted, and use more of them. (your call).
I removed the fence and rails so I could use sleds. this is why the plywood fits right on the table.
this is what I did ~ best of luck in your design.
6 08-28-2019 03:35 PM
Picture Shop Recognition - In the Beginning
This is an old trade magazine where I got my first official recognition
as a budding sign artist. There have been several since 1992, but this
one is my first and largest of my career as a Custom Sign Maker.
I hope the scanned material is not too hard to read.
Thank You for your time !!
5 08-16-2019 11:49 AM
Picture HandCrafted Wood Signs
Here are some signs I have made over the years.
all are hand crafted, no CNC involved.
many are still standing today, 40 years later.
14 06-01-2019 03:21 PM
Picture Steamer Trunk ~ Blanket Chest
This style of trunk was used back in the days before airplane travel was common
and people traveled on cruise ships such as the Queen Mary (and the Titanic)
for their vacations that could last up to 6 months or more.
So they carried everything neatly packed in large wooden trunks. The rounded top was to prevent
other trunks from being stacked on top of theirs. This style had several names such as dome top,
camel back, turtle back, etc.
This project took a couple of months to build in my spare time.
It is for my 14yo granddaughter.
more photos and the project build can be found at: http://lumberjocks.com/JHSmith/blog/122009
5 12-06-2018 12:32 PM
Picture small workbench for the home
A while back, I was at a Harbor Freight parking lot sale and
I spied a wooden workbench still in the box – the box seemed to have been through
some rough times. it appeared to have been dropped and tossed about. It had a $50 sticker on it.
it had the original nylon straps on it so it apparently had not been opened to check for damage.
$50 seemed a bit high for a “Pig in a Poke” – so I offered $25 and they helped me load it !!
basically, it had some broken joints, split this and that, minor stuff that some screws and epoxy couldn’t fix.
I cut about 6 inches off the legs to be comfortable sitting in a chair (like a desk).
the two left hand drawers were broken so I moved them to the right after repairs were made.
I started this project with my daughter in mind (she is 45) for her very own personal woodworking/crafts/hobby station.
she is an accomplished craftsman and has had a rough life and has never had a chance to have her own “stuff”.
most of the tools shown will go with the bench as a surprise present – Heritage Pass Down thing.
basically, I took this broken bench project, made a box frame for the pegboard and two fluorescent lights
under the top apron so they would be out of sight. There is a power strip on the right hand leg.
routed some grooves for the 3/4” recessed T-Track. I have all the hardware for the hold-downs.
made the small inclined carving desk out of scrap wood for when you need to get your work off the flat table.
(3/4” pegs on the bottom). the round dog holes are metric so they had to be sanded out to be the
standard 3/4”.
under the right side table edge, there is a steel bench vice that fits securely in the end vise.
oh – the black phone on the left is my very first family phone from around 1950s.
6 12-06-2018 09:40 AM
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