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  1. hancockj
    05-26-2010 11:26 AM - permalink
    Wow, where did you get that maple. That is unbelievable. That is really a great piece. Nice work man.
  2. joesdad
    05-26-2010 10:12 PM - permalink
    Thanks! Yeah that piece of wood was insane. A friend of mine had these random four foot long rips that were the outside of the maple log he milled and it was full of burls. If the average person saw those rips laying on the floor they would probably have threw them in the wood stove or fireplace. They had been laying around for years in his storage area and he dragged a scraper across the weathered gray dirty surface and you could just barely see that incredible figure. He has two 1x10x8 bookmatched boards with that figure also...good stuff. The walnut burl drawer heads were a bit scary to cut, with no grain direction, I was afraid the boards would just blow apart. Thanks again.
  3. brown down
    10-25-2010 07:20 PM - permalink
    brown down
    I would like to see the walnut burl draw fronts if that is possible, that wood was a serious find!!! you never know what is beneath that bark. amazing the wood that is burnt. I had a friend that is now saving me burls but told me he had to cut one with a chainsaw just to get it into the splitter!! great work, absolutely astounding grain!!
  4. wwinsauer
    12-12-2010 12:45 PM - permalink
    That is some super sexy maple!
    Great job and beautiful piece!
  5. joesdad
    12-12-2010 05:29 PM - permalink
    Thanks! I rarely check these comments so sorry for not replying. I was working up in Vt. the past few days and outside the home I was working in were a half dozen large old maples that were propbably 6-8' around at the base. They were so old and gnarly looking and I told the customer if one of these should ever come down intentionally or not, that I wanted the wood. You could see the potential figure through the bark, but you can never be sure. I'll try and take some pics of the drawer fronts, they were sliced out of an 8/4 blank that had been laying around forever.

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