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My "Big Build". The shed. Spring 2013.
My only injury   I'd call that an acceptable casualty rate.
The soon to be full shelving.
Not bad for someone who had never built more than an end table and a couple benches before. Done without a single plan or drawing. Just a vision of...
One more stair riser to go.
Electrical. What permit?  Ssshhhh...
Just some stairs to complete, and clean up.
Siding done. Worked past sundown yet again
The job site. Good thing the foreman is a friend of mine.
Taking a break.
I armed him. Oh my.
How To Roof 101.
My wife and son earning their keep.
Not code, but I did end up putting a second 2x above the doorway.
Only regret is the low pitch of the roof.
End of the shift had the hard part done. Yay.
Two up, third on deck.
Hard workin little dude right there.
Back wall up and my 12 year old is priming and painting the two back walls that won't be accessible once upright.
The 8x12 foundation and floor is sheathed.
image 1002286763
Ore built the floor and walks on the patio then brought them over to the foundation.
image 3384751002
Sighting for the future location.
First load of wood for the foundation.
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