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things i've made
me and my girlfriend made tis snow man december 2008 it is 3 metres tall!
hollywood sub box 2, perspecs floor with  hollywood excursion design done with a router, straght fence and alot of patience!!
hollywood sub box 1 holds 2 12" subs with false floor and red neons
tattoo box 2 inside the box, painted metallic blue
tattoo box 1, mdf box with 2 magnets to keep it closed, painted white then my brother drew on a koi fish design and then painted it
Cutlery Box 6
Cutlery Box 1
maple table 2, drawer and top have black line
maple table 1
bureau 2, inside writing compartment
bureau 1, oak bureau
jewellery box 2, tray and jewellery box, also in the tray is a small carved turtle
jewellery box 1, yew tree box, cherry ovral black and white line
my snow man! made 2007
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