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Some woodworking projects
The pictures are loaded in order backwards. So when you see two or three in a row that belong together, they will be in the wrong order.
This is me at Lambeau Field on my birthday in 2007. My wife and I (she's to the right of me in the green hat) her kid sister and her son, and her...
Small bowl I made out of box elder scrap.
Pair of canary wood drumsticks that I made for the drummer of the band I'm in. Christmas present for him.
My older son's first accident. First day of school. Toyota MR2. He put it back together and drove it for another year and then sold it.
Another shot of the kitchen. This job was for a family that I grew up with.
I built this cabinet to match the kitchen cabinets towards the end of the job. The homeowner picked out a larger microwave that wouldn't fit where...
This kitchen turned out very nice.
Another snow pic.
Spalted maple bowl about 12" in diameter.
Sometimes it snows here in Ohio.
Lotsa these at the motorcycle show.
This is me on the right with world famous motocross champ Bob 'Hurricane' Hannah. I used to watch him race when I was about 18 years old. This was at...
Typical Cleveland Indians game at Progressive Field. This particular game we kicked Detroits butt just before clinching the division in '07.
Dining room area with granite installed.
Finish shots of the century home kitchen with granite installed.
This is Sadie the wonderdog. She likes keeping me company in the shop for a few hours at a time. She's ten now, but still in pretty good shape.
Tile top for the sink.
Tile half way up the walls.
This is my younger son who works with me when he's not in college. He attends a small local nursing college. He's working on his nursing degree now...
Bathroom remodel for a customer. Completely gutted, new fixtures, lots of tile.
This is  a vanity I built when remodeling my aunt's bathroom. It's maple with a tile top. The bottom drawer actually extends down and includes the...
Rolling workbench with drawers that used to hold my jet 1024 lathe. I bought the metal stand for the lathe and now my sharpening equipment is sitting...
Some peppermills. The smaller ones are 10" tall, the larger one is 15".
Side shot of the coffee burl bowl.
Coffee burl bowl.
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