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my projects
My grandaughters! My best long-term project yet!
old kitchen/new revamp (bar moved-changed to old style cupboard.) posted to show the moderate change to the kitchen, opened space and updated at low cost.
12-2008's latest harvest table(nephew's)
and first harvest table , 3-2001(with the black chairs and also a pic outside)
Arm panel ends .........maybe not complete this as was but maybe some wood here???
march 2009 sofa re-upholster
Adisen (left, top and bottom)  and Reise (right, top and bottom)  look alikes...Adi is now 21 months old, Reise 21 days old...they both look like my...
november 2008 latest harvest table.....i joined the top to bottom a little differently..whats your opinions?
11-2008 latest harvest table (nehew's)
11-2008     latest harvest table (nephew's) in a state of mid-construct in middle of my living room !
10-2001    my first harvest table
9-2008     trying to show beadboard again
9-2008          trying to show camo'd door at back side of cupboard...wasted space otherwise, made door from the beadboard, didn't like the look of a...
09-2008      i still have trim to add next to the wall.....showing oak beadboard added to end skin
9-2008         more revamped kitchen
9-2008      same view, scalloped valance still underneath this moulding
9-2008         better view of valance
9-2008          more view of the crown and horizontal boards at tops of cupboards.  the kitchen also had a scalloped valance....i just added a piece...
9-2008         this was the bar upper and lowers....still need the "right" door pulls.  ispent ALOT of time thinking this through!  This was planned...
9-2008            kitchen from dining room...old bar was in the "way" of this pic,  is now on left and transformed into a "cupboard"   lower cabs...
march 2001      another of my first harvest table
12-2008 Nephew table    some of the underside....beneath the washers are the elongated holes
12-2008 Nephew table    Not my style of "finish"  i prefer to make the table look old and well used!
12-2008 nephew table  the legs to the table were "found" at an antique/used furniture/perpetual yard sale shop
12-2008 nephew table      the dark area underneath is where, at the last minute,  i "had to" add a little (not very professionally done) inscription...
11-2008 working on harvest (farm ) table for nephew. Oak, 30" x 7 feet.  Legs are yard /salvage sale find.  Due to inclement weather and insurance co...
11-2008 nephew table  just another pic of same thing ....at the same stage.
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