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Bean bag toss boards (3 different sets)
I was asked to make several sets. So I did. But I came up with my own design to make them a little nicer than the standard boards you usually see. I made three sets. The two largest sets are 3/4 scale. The blue set is a little smaller than that.

All of the sets have full sized holes (6") and use official-sized heavy duty bags filled with the official weight of dried corn. I bought the bags online.

Two of the sets were made for donation to our son's school's annual PTO auction, which raises money to fund school projects (such as the track that's going to be built, technology, and so on).
This is the set that we are keeping at home. So I didn't worry about hiding the screws that mount the top. This set will be clear coated as soon as I...
Here's the brown set in the silent auction part of the school's main auction. This set sold for $238. All of the money went to the school.
This set has OSB tops covered with hard board. They are finished with spar varnish.
Blue set in the Teachers' Treasures silent auction. The kindergarten (or 1st grade, I forget) students put their hand prints on them, along with some...
Size comparison.
Lag screws and washers.
The legs of the larger boards have steel reinforcements.
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