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Abram Tank
Zebrawood tank I built a few years ago. Tank was manhandled by my son and it didn't take it too well.
tank stuff 081, rear deck showing all the maintenance plates and covers closed.
tank stuff 082, battery compartment and inspection door open.
tank stuff 083, turret roof showing ammo blowout panels and the sponson boxes open.
tank stuff 084, blurred picture showing the drivers hatch.
tank stuff 085, right side hull sponson box open and hanging from chains.
tank stuff 086, right view. Everything that opens on a real one, opens of this scaled down model.
tank stuff 087, left view, notice sprocket torn off along with the machine guns and bustle rack.
tank stuff 088, one track, 100's of pieces.
tank stuff 089, track showing individual pieces.
tank stuff 090, track rolled in a ball.
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