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Sea Shells
Watched the ytube on cutting these shells and finally worked out the wedges and angles, the latest shell is using Marine Ply wood and is approx. 9" diam.
10" diam marine ply wood shell
Another multi twirl shell 7" diam
Showing the twirls
Another using Oregon 9" diam 2" width with multi twirls
Used old Oregon for this one 8" daim and just over 2" width
More Oregon and red paint.   Approx 6" diam
Oregon and another attempt to mimic nature
Another using Oregon, these are approx. 6" diam.
This was my first effort after watching the ytube video.   Used Oregon which I bleached and then painted.  Will never be as good as nature.
Another view of the ply wood shell
3/4" thick Marine Ply wood using scroll saw initially and then the bandsaw on the thicker wedges.
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