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Some of my projects
This is some of my projects over the years.
Teardrop Galley 1
Rear of Tear
Inside Teardrop 3
Inside Teardrop 2
Inside Teardrop 1
Unfinished Quilt Chest
Twisted Walkingstick
Top Detail of unfinished Cherry Unit
Teardrop Camper
Teardrop Camper 1
Small Strip Canoe
Plate Rack
Passageway Under Stairs
Passageway 1
More Casework
Hand Laminated Rail 1845 Home 1
Hand Laminated Rail 1845 Home
Flaired Stairs
First Carving
Dulcimer and Table
Details of Casework
Cutting Board
Computer Desk
Ceiling Mold 1845 Home
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