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  1. dodgeboy77
    08-29-2013 08:49 PM - permalink

    I converted my motor controller from 3-phase to 1-phase and it works with the original magnetic power switch. I never could have done it myself but I posted my problem on the 'Everything Electrical' section in the OWWM web site: http://www.owwm.org/viewforum.php?f=82 There are some very knowledgeable guys there that walked me through it.

    The conversion took a little bit of re-wiring and new heaters. I can sent you pictures of the controller if you think it would help. You would have to have the same type of controller, though. My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me that way.

  2. RichButcher 785
    08-28-2013 07:10 PM - permalink
    RichButcher 785
    Hi, I read about you requiring the controls on your unisaw.I have one that already has a new 220 motor but cannot figure out the switch and controls,any insight would be greatly appriciated Thant rich, would really like to talk to you if possible
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