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Conversation Between Geoguy and pt026422
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  1. Geoguy
    03-23-2011 05:51 PM - permalink
    If you think the parts for your mortiser are the same or "close enough", you can see part numbers, and order Shop Fox mortiser parts at Grizzly at:


    Just click the colored tabs for spec sheet, manual, parts list, and purchase parts.
  2. pt026422
    03-23-2011 07:39 AM - permalink
    I noticed that you have a Shop Fox mortiser. I have and old Reliant mortiser that works ok but the hydraulic support rod is broken and I can't find a new one. The Shop Fox looks just like mine, if by chance you have a manual that has a parts list that shows the info to order a new rod, drop me a note so I can fix mine. The big Bungee cord just doesn't do it. Thanks, Russ
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