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  1. troyd1976
    01-24-2012 07:18 PM - permalink
    Ryan no worries of the questions, and i am not sure there minimum order size, i want to say its around 30-40 bd ft. i believe for 4/4 red oak last time i paid like 2.20/bdft. straight line ripped and skip planed. just remember skip planning only does patches of it so that you can see the grain. You'd still need to pass it through a planer or plane by hand yourself. if you have aim feel free to IM me.
  2. MrRyan
    01-24-2012 06:56 PM - permalink
    Will they sell in small quantity on those days? Meaning 5 to 10 bf? Sorry, these questions seem very amateur...but that's what I am. I think I could live with 1 edge straight line ripped for my purposes. Again, I really appreciate the info...
  3. troyd1976
    01-24-2012 06:10 PM - permalink
    Ryan, i get my lumber through liberty hardwoods just south of ankeny, they will sell to private buyers tuesday and thursdays. you call ahead, tell them about how much you want of what, and they do the process's you want done to it. you'd have to check with them about taking it to s4s, i normally get it 1 edge straight line ripped and the faces skip planed. other than that the best bet price wise i know of is the big box stores. woodsmith IMO is a total rip off on lumber, i think last i looked for rough sawn they were asking double a bdft. from what i pay @ liberty hardwoods.
  4. MrRyan
    01-24-2012 06:19 AM - permalink
    Hey Troy,

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions. One big question--where do you get your wood around here??? I'm new enough that the big box stores are the only places I've been to or honestly know of. I'm from Marshalltown originally and I know I can get s4s lumber their, but 60 miles is a bit (a lot) inconvenient. At this point with no jointer or planer I really wld like to be able to buy it s4s. Thanks for all your help!

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