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  1. Ed'sGarage
    08-22-2008 02:17 PM - permalink
    So far, I'm still flying, even tho my usage is way down. Used to have 40K on a 135 Certificate, but it made no $$ sense. Wife and I thought about selling a few years ago, but nobody wanted to pay a fair price; and with air travel, these days, being so annoying, we decided to hang on. I haven't yet figured how to post pics on this site yet, as it asks for a url instead of uploading from my computer, otherwise, I'd send you a pic of my 40K.
  2. skymaster
    08-19-2008 11:06 PM - permalink
    LOL Hi Ed; The one I flew was plane jane 337. I used to fly out of 12n Aeroflex-Andover. I have time in a non P 210 also. Sadly I am no longer current, severe Italian disease: IE Mahfundsalow
    My closest friend just sold his Baron b58 2 months ago, pretty much same reason, his usage dropped off expenses went up finally sold it. Man it was a sweet ship I can tell ya that.
  3. Ed'sGarage
    08-18-2008 05:50 PM - permalink
    Just noticed your handle and thought I'd drop you a line and say Hello! There aren't a lot of people on this forum who would recognize your handle, maybe but someone like me who flies a P210 and also likes to make sawdust. Where do you fly out of? Is your skymaster pressurized?
    Ed Manfredi
    N 4740K, PVD(Providence, RI)
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