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  1. Hammer1
    12-29-2013 02:58 PM - permalink
    Bruce, I'm not sure where to get parts on line. Although listed, some are hard to find in stock. One of my saws is an older Rockwell and it looks like the part number for the rubber bushing is
    904 06 021 4550
    I doubt there is much difference between other Delta or Rockwell jet lock fences, except the larger ones for 14" saws.
    12-25-2013 04:03 PM - permalink
    Hi Hammer 1

    I joined this forum after I saw your common sense post regarding the Jet Lock table saw fence. I've got a Unisaw colon built by AMT. I looked at the Delta manual on line. The only difference between that manual and the one that came with my saw are the part numbers. It has the Jet lock fence. The back bracket on my fence is missing. The previous owner welded a Tee bolt to the top of the J hook. To set the fence you have to loosen and then tighten both the Tee bolt and the locking lever. I ordered a new pull rod, J hook and lift lever from Delta and an after market rear bracket. The rear bracket is milled out of a solid block, much better than the weak original design. The only part I haven't ordered yet is the Micro adjust knob. There is one on ebay but he wants $45.00 for it. The rubber bushing in the fence head you mentioned is worn out in my fence. Where might I find the bushing and or the Micro knob?

    Thanks in advance.
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