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gj13us 03-21-2019 09:47 AM

picture frame design ideas
I'm trying to design a frame for a picture that my mother painted decades ago. It's painted on a thin hardboard covered with canvas, and is 24"x18". It's an abstract scene of a jazz trio on stage, the colors are different shades of blue. I want the frame to reflect the mid-century modern jazz aesthetic. I tried a few different mock-ups and none of them are what I want. The latest iteration is to frame only the corners, extending a few inches along each edge of the picture, leaving most of the painting unframed. My idea is that the frame would be minimalist, be creative without drawing attention away from the picture. The frame's function would be to merely hang and support the picture away from the wall.

The sticking point is how to secure the corner pieces to each other and so as to hang it. Run wire between the corner pieces? Will tension warp the picture? (It's already a little warped because it's been leaning against various walls in attics and bedrooms and closets for the past 50-some years.)


Or should I just give up and make a basic thin black stained rectangular wood frame?

woodnthings 03-21-2019 10:12 AM

Mount the painting on plywood first....
After it's secure and stabilized, you can do anything you want regarding a frame .... or frameless, which ever. If the plywood extends beyond the painting by a 1/2" or so, it will not be visible but you can attach the frame to it. You would want to paint it a color that matches the paintings colors.

FrankC 03-23-2019 09:26 PM

In all probability the backing is not going to do anything that it has not done over the past 50 years, add the corner blocks if you wish, however the painting will have to be hung from points lower than them anyway. Perhaps put some loops in the cross wires that the wire to hang it can be attached to.

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