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justdraftn 03-23-2019 09:26 AM

HF work bench
4 Attachment(s)
Ping John Smith_inFL HF bench
Really like what you did w/the HF work bench.

I got one of those benchs for my basement shop. It's one of the bedrooms...
so small. I needed something that did not take up too much room...so I got
one of these benchs on a whim. It has proved to be very functional.
I had to make legs to raise the height.
Attachment 373477
It had no stability on it's own, so I lag screwed it to the wall.
Rock solid now. I put my nice Record vise in place of the HF vice.
Had to drop two of the drawers to make fit.
Attachment 373479
My drawers have all my Dremel tools, one is for sanding stuff
and the other two have all those little misc. things.
Added the pegboard and mag strips.
Attachment 373483

I like the bench dogs that came w/it.
Works great w/the dog on the vise.
It is ground zero for everything I build.
Attachment 373485

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