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wpsweet34 06-09-2011 03:23 PM

Hardwood Floors Paint
Ok so I'm making a table and I'm using hardwood flooring as the tabletop to get a basketball court design on it. So I don't know what type of paint to use or how to get the basketball court look. As of now I googled it and they use a high gloss polyurethane to make it shine but i'm concerned that it won't look right and i'm also not sure what type of paint to use... So right now I was going to use an acrylic paint then a semi gloss varnish then a high gloss polyurethane. Would a lacquer be better. I am also using a decal for the center court image when should I put that on? After the varnish but before the high gloss polyurethane or lacquer?

wpsweet34 06-12-2011 12:42 AM

can no one help?? I'm looking to start within the next few days and looking for any input or suggestions as I know nothing about hardwood floors as I never really worked on much (only 20) so again could someone point me in any direction for any of these problems I'm having. What kind of paint? And how to make it shiny like basketball floor?

Brink 06-12-2011 06:33 AM

I don't know how I missed this one, sorry.

I made a b-ball court table for my self a couple of years ago. I used those hardwood craft sticks to give it the look of a maple floor. After sanding, I used auto pinstripe decals for the lines. I then finished it with gloss poly from a spray can, about 4-5 coats, until the stripes felt smooth. Auto pinstripe can be used under clear coat finishes.

Acrylic paint, fully dry will be ok under poly. I don't think varnish would be needed. I would use gloss. If it's to shiny, you can dull it up with 0000 steel wool.

The decal...that could be problematic. If it's fairly large, the solvents in the poly might cause it to lift, or wrinkle. Applying it after finishing, it could get scuffed and start peeling. Water based poly won't work over a vinyl decal. You might want to make a test piece and see how it works.

Hammer1 06-12-2011 09:27 AM

There are numerous floor and porch enamels that would be a good choice. Acrylics are difficult to get smooth without spraying, brush marks and overlaps show easily it's soft, too. Lacquer is also not a good choice, easily water marked. Water slide decals are very thin and can be covered with top coat but vinyl decals are thick and will require many coats to cover level. I bury decals on motorcycle restorations but I'm using automotive clear coats. I prefer water slides when I can, too much material is required to cover a vinyl decal so it's flat with the top coat and that can cause issues with the coating acting independent of the wood and lifting.

For your table, I would lay the wood and apply a couple coats of gloss oil based poly. Then apply the decal and paint using a poly floor enamel. Next, all can be covered with gloss oil poly. When masking for a crisp line, apply the masking tape, then use an aerosol spray with clear gloss poly, light coat to seal the tape edge so paint doesn't creep under. Don't practice on your table.

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