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Cwilkerson26 01-16-2018 12:09 AM

New addition
Hi my name is Cody Wilkerson, I've been a carpenter since I was 17, I'm almost 21 now, I do framing, trim, furniture, general woodworking and much more, joining the forum to expand my knowledge accessing all the great minds here

Steve Neul 01-16-2018 05:24 AM

Welcome to the club.

Don't make the same mistake I did doing too many different kinds of work. With each different trade you have to have tools for that trade. First thing you know you have tools you maybe only use once a year and have a hard time finding them when you do need them.

woodnthings 01-16-2018 07:29 AM

Carpenters have unique skills
Framing a house, building a stairway or making a deck are different skills that most woodworkers don't possess. Rises and runs aren't that complicated, but framing a hip roof requires either some algebra and trig or an understanding of the Speed Square and framing squares. Woodworking in general, uses some machines you won't find on a building site, the thickness planer, the jointer, drum sander, bandsaw and a cabinet table saw. If you can master these tools, you're well on your way to being an all around woodworker.

Furniture and and some cabinet projects rely heavily on making joints to secure the parts and pieces without using mechanical fasteners. This is much different than carpentry, so if you can master the various types of joinery, you'll be on you way to becoming a good woodworker.

Personally, I started out making small book cases, chests and stools and workbenches. I made my first full set of kitchen cabinets at age 18, for a rented apartment in exchange for having a workshop in the basement. Later on, I got some framing skills by making additions and remodeling my house. My woodworking machine collection hasn't stopped growing until the last 10 years or so as I've got most of the tools I need now. Over the years, in addition to the basic machines, I've added a hollow chisel mortiser, routers mounted in tables, a resaw bandsaw, a 24" dual drum sander, several radial arm saws, a panel saw, random orbit sanders, wood augers and Forstner bits ..etc.

Enjoy your stay here and don't hesitate to post photos of your work and ask any questions, even the most basic. Someone here will have and answer and you'll probably get several different approaches to the same question. :wink:

Cwilkerson26 01-16-2018 07:50 AM

Thank you guys for the advice and welcoming, I already feel at home

difalkner 01-16-2018 09:49 AM

Welcome to the forum, Cody! Glad you're here, jump in with projects and photos as you're able.


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