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dbhost 07-03-2012 01:50 PM

SCMS dust hood and 8" grinding wheels Free to Houston area folks.
I am cleaning excess stuff out of my shop, no need for certain items and I need the space, so here goes nothing.

I don't want to ship this stuff, but here goes...

I have the following items that I am giving away free to anyone in the Houston metro area willing to come get them. No delivery, no shipping, sorry.

#1. SCMS dust hood, tempered hardboard and 1/2" ply construction with a 4" port, and a hole to run 2.5" hose for the saw connection. Worked pretty well for my HF 12" slider, but it was a touch narrow so I had to slide it side to side for 45 degree cuts. Somebody with a 10" slider would find this to be a perfect fit.

#2. Pair of new, unused Ryobi 8x1" gray grinder wheels, 5/8" arbor. Most likely fit other brands that will take those specs. I pulled these off in favor of white oxides and need them out of my shop now.

#3. Misc surplus sockets. These are just excess sockets. Nothing fancy, just old taiwan stuff that was in my garage when I bought the house.

#4. Ford Ranger / Bronco II repair manual. I think it's a Chilton. This is for the original square body style Ranger / Bronco II, I guess before 1992 or something like that. again it was in the house..

#5. Pickup pending, but if the recipient falls through, I also have a Simpson Strong Tie connected workbench. 2x4 and 3/4 CDX ply construction with Simpson Strong Tie corner connectors. 8' long x 24" deep x 34.75" tall (The height was set to match my Ryobi BT3100 outfeed height, with the bench on a 3.5" tall step in my garage floor). I have a friend that was supposed to pick it up last Sunday. If he doesn't get with me by Tomorrow it's hitting the curb...

I am in League City on the South Side, so if you are reasonably close, let me know and we can get this stuff to you.

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