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stuart 01-26-2008 09:17 PM

what kind of wood is this OLd grandfather clock
Here we got a big old clock.

It is made from ENGLAND - it was shipped to New York or New Jersey it seems.

I got round to date of like 1880 ish.

As one of my pics will show it was made by Vigor brass cable clock company.
I will show pics of the inside [not that pretty].

Last time I had it appraised was many years ago and the vaule is much higher now than $18,000.

So any shots on wood type??

stuart 01-26-2008 09:21 PM

stuart 01-26-2008 09:26 PM

stuart 01-26-2008 09:27 PM

Daren 01-26-2008 10:17 PM

The majority of the case is pine, except the front which is walnut. The door to the pendulum is curly walnut, really the only piece of "special" wood on the whole thing...but the fact that is still intact (and untampered with) makes it special as a unit.
Don't make me go all "Antiques Road Show" on you here, don't ever refinish it !
The value ($ wise, not family of course) is in the guts/clockworks and "as is" condition after all these years.
I am not a clock maker, or antique appraiser. But the guts look cool to me, so does the case. And as a WOODworker, I have seen lesser "ply veneers" :thumbdown: assembled into the form of a clock that I would not drag home for free.

stuart 01-26-2008 10:41 PM

Thanks a bunch for the feedback, Daren.

It is a one time finish and will remain that way! But someone told me it did look as if someone re-finished it many many years ago.

I simply use lemon oil [dark wood] to keep it smooth and at least keep the dust off.

I leave the inside untouched.

There was an adjustment made to one of the feet as a crack developed over the years - I had to get someone to air nail it underneth - to keep the crack from getting wider. It is very spooky, Daren, inside the clock. there's a few odd [very old but sharp] turned nails inside. It can rip your skin of your hand if you're not careful reaching around in there.
Also, I had to get an expert to get the rigs inside working correctley [right balance with the weights for example] and the movement needed a little adjustment as well.
I'm ok with his hardware adjustment but not so keen with his adjustment with the clock face [ it's really like a 45 record shape]. I may have to get someone else to re-adjust that clock face as it is off balance [lopsided].
but he did such good work with the guts [as you call it] that I let the clock face issue slide.
I should take pics of the moving clcok face to show and tell.

BTW the clock is 2 piece unit. The top quarter comes off. AND the side glass is the old glass; the front of dial is not. This clock was done by hand!

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