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frankp 03-22-2011 08:48 AM

Tutorials Links Thread - A work in progress
How to post photos-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f16/h...t-photos-1120/

Inlaid Dovetails-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f2/le...utorial-24647/

Electric Solid Body Guitar-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f2/bu...r-101-a-16168/

Fibonacci/Golden Ratio Gauge-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f6/fi...o-gauge-24394/

Sketchup Tutorial Part 4-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f29/f...art-4-a-24546/

Sketchup Tutorial Part 3-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f29/f...art-3-a-24111/

Sketchup Tutorial Part 2-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f29/f...art-2-a-23801/

Sketchup Tutorial Part 1-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f2/fr...-series-23120/

Sanding Mop-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f27/m...ing-mop-24022/

Etching-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f2/br...ng-pics-18787/

Making a Hair Fork-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f13/h...ir-fork-18723/

Scroll Saw Setup/Selection-- http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f24/e...art-1-a-18242/

Cutting thin Strips (Safely)-- http://www.ridgidforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14029

rhizando 03-22-2011 09:14 AM


mdntrdr 03-22-2011 09:17 AM

dbhost 03-22-2011 09:47 AM

Build a Thien Separator Lid and baffle.

rrbrown 03-22-2011 10:52 AM

This is a very good how to thread for a Thien cylone seperator


Nothing personal dbhost but yours has no pictures and resides on another forum.

Ogee Fillet 03-22-2011 08:47 PM

end grain cutting boards

jkonks 03-23-2011 10:15 AM


I thought this was intresting. some good ideas for building your own fence!

frankp 04-27-2011 10:33 AM

frankp 08-18-2011 10:31 AM

Not a tutorial exactly but a really good showing at building a bent lamination chair that will be a great start for anyone trying to do bent lam projects:


Patrick. 08-18-2011 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by frankp (Post 198249)

Wow, those things look awesome!

mn pete 08-18-2011 11:52 AM

Awesome! Great idea.

frankp 08-18-2011 12:44 PM

Shop Dad 08-18-2011 03:00 PM

Nice idea Frank, thanks. :thumbsup:

How to make an End Grain Cuttingboard (tutorial on this forum)

How to make a Kaleidoscope

frankp 08-26-2011 06:25 PM

Bill's Keepsake box thread... not exactly a tutorial, but pretty good nonetheless.

Kenbo 08-26-2011 07:13 PM

Scroll saw video tips
Thought this one might be appropriate for your tutorial thread Frank.

Scroll saw Video tips.

frankp 09-06-2011 01:57 PM

And Longknife's latest: Wrapped boxes... a fine tutorial.


Taylormade 09-09-2011 12:03 PM

mods, any way to remove banter and sticky this?

frankp 09-16-2011 08:57 AM

Shop Dad 09-22-2011 02:42 PM

Clamping Cauls
On another thread Frank had shared this link on creating shop-made clamping cauls that I found very helpful.

frankp 09-30-2011 11:04 PM

LolaRanch put together this fine tutorial on building a Bombe chest.


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