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wolfgang953 08-10-2019 09:06 PM

Question about the manufacturers design of an interior door
FYI; This is NOT in regards to my on going project. I have already returned this door and got a different type. But the idea of why they designed it this way keeps running around in my head the last week or two. And im hoping someone has an answer or logical idea to put it at ease.

So im talking about this door.

Its one where the frame and trim are one piece so you dont have to do separate trim work. The whole unit is broke into two pieces. One for each side of the wall. They connect in the middle to form one overall frame and trim in the door way. - If you want a visual, look at the install video on the lowes page in the link above. At 2:20 you can see the two pieces. At 3:16 you can see one piece in the wall frame. And at 5:50 to 6:00 you can see them being attached.

Now i fully understand why this design would appeal to some ppl. Im not questioning that part. Im questioning the design specs of the unit.

The unit wraps from the 2x4 around the corner of the drywall and out to where the trim work goes. Which means, that section of the frame needs to have a width of the 2x4 plus the width of the two drywall pieces. Which is 3.5" + 1/2" + 1/2" = 4.5" Even the install video at 1:54 shows how to measure this to make sure you get the right unit. There video says 2x4 frame needs a jamb 4 9/16" wide. Which is 1/16" larger then 4.5". Which makes sense. And the lowes specs list the jamb width at 4.5625"

Which all makes sense theoretically... until half way through installing the door a week or two ago, we finally realized... a tad late... that the jamb width is not 4 9/16" Not even close. It barley reached 4" when put together. Maybe a tad less. So there was no way this could be installed properly. I was half tempted to leave it unconnected and nail it in as is, but the inner most screw on the hinge still would have gone right into the drywall, not the 2x4 wood.

So the Masonite manufacture made an install video saying 4 9/16". Listed specs as 4 9/16" but made there product with a width of 4" or less. The only way it might have worked is if the wall used 1/4" drywall. But from everything iv seen, 1/2" is most common for walls. But even so, its way off what the specs say its supposed to be.

Since it was way off what the specs said it should be, lowes actually let me return it. Which i did not think they would allow since i bought the door last december 2018. (i bought most of my project materiel at once. I only recently got the point of dealing with the door. )

So while i was at lowes getting a different type of door, i checked all the Masonite doors of this style they had. Every single door, of every style and size, all had the 4" or less jamb width. Not one of them was 4-9/16" as they say we actually need.

Which brings me to the question... wtf did make them all 4" or less???? Width 1/2" drywall bring most common for 2x4 frames 16c, It wouldnt fit any of them. 2x4 frame 24c is usually 5/8, a little larger. 2x6 obviously is even larger then that. So why is there entire line of products in store... every last one... 4" or less jamb width.

Im hoping i just missed something simple. But even tho i dont have this type of door anymore... its seriously annoying me non the less.

*Apologizes for the long post.

Steve Neul 08-10-2019 09:26 PM

The jamb width is 4 9/16". The manufacturer screwed up. Someone needs to point out to lowes that their doors are made wrong so they can send them back.

wolfgang953 08-10-2019 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by Steve Neul (Post 2065885)
The jamb width is 4 9/16". The manufacturer screwed up. Someone needs to point out to lowes that their doors are made wrong so they can send them back.

Good to know. At least im not going crazy. Calculating the width seems as straight forward as something could be. But my minds been a bit slacking lately. The idea that i was screwing even that up was a bit disturbing.

I talked to the asst manager on the phone about returning the item, and he was asking questions as to why i said it was a manufacturer design defect. I told him about the jamb width. So i guess i did my part. Well see if they do anything about it. But i bought this door at a different lowes then i returned it to. I bought it at a lowes they were shutting down. Everything was on sale so i grabbed it there. - And i returned it to a different lowes... 8-9+ months later. And it seems the both carry this defect size, and for quite a while too... Which makes me wonder more. Surely i cant be the first to notice this...

Steve Neul 08-10-2019 10:38 PM

The jamb is suppose to be 4 9/16" because the drywall sometimes varies in thickness a little and sometimes a plasterer will put too much mud on the wall. The 16th just makes sure if fits.

You could have fixed it. Sometimes a person will have damaged sheetrock on their walls and instead of removing the old rock will just put new rock over the old. Then glue and nail a strip of wood on the jamb to make it wide enough. I know your door is new and you shouldn't have to fix someone's screw up but sometimes it's easier than hauling the door back.

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