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nbo10 09-03-2013 11:59 PM

Poplar, Ash, Birch Oh My
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Hi All,
I purchased some rough lumber last week 2 boards 16 bf each. I was told it was Ash, but am having doubts. For one, the boards are labelled on the one end as poplar and birch.:eek: I didn't notice the labels when looking at the boards. :thumbdown: I've cleaned up the ends a little. The boards plain very differently. The grain is tight on one. Can anyone help with what I have here?


ed_h 09-04-2013 12:11 AM

The one with the greenish hue could be poplar. Green streaks are common in poplar. Can't really tell on the other one. Ash will have an open grain somewhat like oak, but will normally be lighter color.

nbo10 09-04-2013 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by ed_h (Post 515931)
The one with the greenish hue

I'm color blind and I can't tell which one has a greenish hue. Is this top one greenish?

Brian T. 09-04-2013 12:25 AM

Ash (Fraxinus sp) is ring porus, there's a layer of vessels differentiated each spring (aka early wood).
Birch (Betula sp) is diffuse porus, the vessel diameters are smaller and they are spread through out the early wood and into the late wood of each annual increment.

The bottom one, if the crappy digital image can be believed, sure as hello is not ash of any species.
The color of the top one certainly suggests poplar.

joek30296 09-04-2013 09:38 AM

Bottom board I'm 99% sure is birch. Top board in 1st pic looks like birch also but looks more like poplar in the second pic. Are the boards in the same position in both pictures?

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