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Originally Posted by Tool Agnostic View Post
The customer service manager told me that the 90 day return period had passed, and that's the policy. That's the only "warranty" that Walmart provides. If it breaks on day 91, buy another. Final answer.

A long, long time ago I was a customer service rep for Kaufmann's Dept. Store in downtown Pittsburgh. Right around 1990. The Electronics Buyer was adamant: no returns on electronics after the warranty date. He reasoned that electronics manufacturing was so precise and defects so statistically improbable that any problem after 90 days was a result of customer abuse. Period.

[99.9% of the customers I handled were furniture customers, which spurred my interest in furniture making and woodworking.]
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Originally Posted by holtzdreher View Post
What walmart doesn't tell you, is that there are warranties under you state law that most likely extend the time period. [...]
Thank you for sharing this helpful information. I won't be suing Walmart any time soon over this. Speaking generally, I hate what lawsuits have done to our country.
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There was a contractor near here who would make up reasons not to pay suppliers. The studs were too short, the paint blistered, all manner of excuses. Suppliers who made the mistake of giving him credit often let him off rather than filing a suit. Once heard the story of how he had a 12 thousand dollar paving job done, went over the the corner of the parking area and poured gasoline on the freshly packed asphalt. He then called the paving company and warned them , that the mix was crap the gravel in the pavement was loose and he would not pay a dime toward such shoddy work. They sent a person out to inspect the corner and of course the inspector found the problem. The company was going to write off the entire bill. One of the employees said, I will give you $500 for the contract. He brought it to me and we sued and won. The employee lived in the neighborhood and got a piece of surveillance footage from a home, and very far off in the distance, we could see the contractor pouring a red can slowly onto the pavement. The contractor eventually screwed too many folks and received a visit from some "collection agents" Suddenly the contractor needed new tires and a window on his truck and started paying his bills. He did go to jail eventually for some of his past activities.

Anyway, the fact that litigation has become too frequent, is undeniable. However, so are the people who absolutely refuse to pay a just debt until forced to.
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I have a small I guess they call them personal stereos, it is an RCA with separate speakers, the main stereo is about 18x18x24, ha cassette CD and am/fm radio in it, bought it for about $80 in 2001, and it still works. It was in the machine shop when a small tornado took the roof off, during the following month before I could get the roof on it rained 19 inches, when it took the roof off it got knocked off it's shelf and fell about 6 feet, but it still works fine, and the sound is good, and you will be able to hear it outside because it really belts out the tunes

It is now in my wood shop, the remote for theJVC I had in there crapped out so I stole it from the machine shop

There is no app for experience
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Originally Posted by holtzdreher View Post
Anyway, the fact that litigation has become too frequent, is undeniable. However, so are the people who absolutely refuse to pay a just debt until forced to.
I have no issue with this. I don't want to hijack my own thread, so I will reserve additional comment.
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I use an alexia, just ask her to play tunes from the 70’s or a group... also use her to create a shopping list as I run out of items while working. And I can use her as a hands free calculator using fractions... love the little girl...
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Best shop sound ever
I took a KENWOOD deck out of a trooper of my wifes when we sold it. 1000 w amp , front / rear spkrs, 15" subs..Amd fitted into an old fosgate box...anyway i had a friend who designs power supplies for medical lab equipment make me an 83 amp power supply, wired it up to plug into my 110ac outlet, obviously converted to dc output. Put spkrs in all four corners of my wood shop, 16x 35 ft area. Pit subs under work bench on one end, also where i hid amp and installed deck under a work bench counter. This stereo can either provide music for working anywhere on my 3˝ acres or rock my aux/ bluetooth...what i like most is the crystal clear sound and clean, clear power at any level, nice bass low or higher volumes...just really great way to put sound in bigger area and i just cant say enough about how well this works for me. The power supply is main key..if you dont have the steady amps to push subs , you will lose quality, i have seen people stack power supplies from used pc's and thats just not the way to go for nice , clean, repeatable , ( 4 yrs now) still no issue. A little off thread i understand, just love to share this idea because for me, a rockin a happy shop!
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I've got a Google Mini linked to my spotify and a bluetooth speaker. I love it. When my hands are covered in glue, epoxy, engine grease, I can make adjustments to the music (pause, play, volume, skip) all hands free. A side benefit is I can tell it to remind me to do something, or set an alarm/timer. ooh and I almost forgot you can have it do some math for you as well.
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I bought an old boom box at a yard sale for $5 but the only thing that worked is the AM and FM radio. That is all I wanted and needed. I brought it home and put it on 650 AM which is Nashville's Grand-Ol-Opry station. I enjoy the old country and bluegrass music.

Don in Murfreesboro, TN.
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I have a cd changer and tuner in a separate room with with the speaker wire run through the ceiling.
The cd changer stopped working quite some time ago (maybe one day I'll get it fixed) so I dug a small stereo out of the closet that my I-pod mounts on and downloaded all my cd's onto my I-pod.
I can also plug my phone into it and listen to Pandora, I heart radio. I find that I listen to these more than my cd's, unless I'm in the mood for a particular album.
I don't play it so loud that I can hear it over any of the power tools so that's not a distraction.
I think better with my music playing. It help's drown out the voices.
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Hard to beat a Sony Boombox for reliability, there was one at the last place I worked that was on from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM five days a week at full volume, it was there when I started and still there 12 years later when I retired.
I have an ancient Panasonic hand me down I use in the shop but reception and sound doesn't compare to the Sony.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
― Marcus Aurelius
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I know a few guys who made their own stereo out of some speakers and a car stereo enclosed in an ammo can. Google "ammo can stereo." Sometimes called a Ka-Boom Box.. Very customizable and can be a fun project.

A handful of patience is worth a bushel of brains...
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Like Sawblade54 I use an Echo device, Alexa's smaller sibling. I connected it to the auxiliary input of an old Sansui receiver I had from high school and college days. It works good! The cheap 3 mm plug I use to run from the Echo and the receiver is a bit small so at times it can cause connection issues static. I like using the Echo to help me time mixing epoxy or other items such as creating a list of hardware or other items I may need to pick up.
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I use the free version of pandora on my phone and hook it up thru a JBL Bluetooth speaker. I choose pandora because they have theDavid Allen Coe channel. True outlaw country.
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