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cms1983 10-18-2012 10:35 PM

hand plane question
my name is chris,this is my first thread Iam a new member.I am working on my plane collection something I started about 2 years ago.Ive been to alot of typestudies for these planes read books about them,I try to get has much info has i can on my tools.I have stanleys 3 to 7 two of them being bed rocks. lots of block planes and others a infill etc.I have came across [more then once] a so called stanley with the model # stamped in front of the front handle it doesnt have bailey stamped on it or stanley.If i can rember i think I saw stanley on the lateral adjustment lever but thats it.Were the planes made by stanley and sold under a another name maybe for hardware stores? O does anyone have parts for sale for a 607 flattop? froger handles lever cap

Hammer1 10-18-2012 10:59 PM

Yes, tons of them, Shapleigh hardware was one of the more common names I've found. Of course, over the life of a vintage plane, parts could have been replaced and when you read type studies, they are only an approximation, Stanley didn't follow any type studies, they would have used whatever part was on the shelf. If I had a Millers Falls plane that had a broken part and I could use or alter a Stanley part to do the job, I would as any other user woodworker would, especially back in the day when a plane might be a weeks wages or more. Some vintage planes for sale today may have been cobbled together from a hodge podge of different parts to make a complete plane.

Dave Paine 10-19-2012 09:23 AM

You may get more experienced eyes if you post this in the Hand Tools forum.

Bob Kaune's site is a good place to look for parts.

He does not have Bedrock 607 parts listed, but you may want to give him a call, he is likely to know where to get the parts.


A poster in the Hand Tools forum, TimeTestedTools is another place to look.

I recently restored a rust bucket plane which only had #5 stamped on the casting and the word "COLUMBIA" on the blade. The lateral adjustment lever shape appears to be a Union style.

What is the lateral adjustment lever like on your plane?

This site has a useful reference of the various lateral adjustment leverl designs.

cms1983 10-19-2012 09:26 PM

Well I dont have one Ive been debating buying one.I just didnt want to buy grap or not really knowing what it was and the age.See the age is big with me,every time i use that tool that is 80 90 100 or more old,I just cant help but to think who used it the wars its been thourgh, the history. its like goin back in time before i was even a twinkle in my pops eye. these tools are long before my time around 50 60 years before.That and the quality of them.So they are qualityplanes?O and thank you for the links.I got a 607 with a cracked cheek down to the mouth i bought it cause ive had great sucess with cast weld repairs I do it my self so the repair is free

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