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Maurice Hood 06-06-2015 08:44 AM

Grizzly G1019-Z Blade Tension
I need some information concerning my G1019-Z band saw, that I bought not to long ago, in regards to blade tension. I've recently ordered a new blade for it and read what the manual says about blade tension and have made several searches looking for information. I've read several places about using my thumb and getting a quarter inch side movement with moderate pressure. My problem with that is "moderate" is a relative term. My moderate and another person's moderate could be considerably different. However having said all of that my major question is about trying to use the scale marked on the sliding bracket. I can not find any kind of a mark on the spring or square nut assembly, visible through the slot down the middle of the sliding bracket, to use. So, what (mark) do I line up with the corresponding number (blade size) stamped on the sliding bracket? I read where the G0555 has a red mark to be used to help set the tension but can find nothing similar on my older saw.Thanks in advance to everyone for their help.

Bill White 06-06-2015 11:58 AM

What size blade?
The mark is only relative since there might be minor differences in blade length.
I tension by backing off guides and tapping the blade with the forefinger 'till I get about an eighth inch deflection.
Some may use the "flutter" test which is tensioning 'till the blade quits fluttering. I don't find this my best way. Note that I said MY best way.

epicfail48 06-06-2015 01:42 PM

Without a tension gauge there's really no way to tell for certain. Personally, I'll tension the blade and pluck it like a guitar string until I get a clear tone, or until I get less than 1/4 inch deflection when pressed to the side. Not sure my method is correct, but it works for me

Maurice Hood 06-06-2015 05:05 PM

First let me apologize for posting this in the wrong section I don't know what I was thinking. Thanks for the responses. I have done the thumb pressure thing and with the amount of pressure I'm using I'm getting about an eighth of an inch deflection. I made one test cut with a 10 inch long piece of pine 2x4 and it cut and worked MUCH better than before. The blade is a 98 inch long, half inch 3tpi, resaw blade I just received from SuperCut Bandsaw Co. a few days ago. At some point if I can convenience myself that I do have the tension correct, or at least reasonably close, I will make a mark that I can use for future adjustments. Maybe I'll try the pluck test and see if I get a clear tone. Between the two different methods of checking the tension maybe I'll get it close enough to feel good about the whole thing. Thanks again.

Maurice Hood 06-08-2015 08:26 PM

Ok, I wrote grizzly last week asking them the same question regarding using the scale on the sliding bracket when setting the blade tension. I received a reply today and will cut and paste their reply below.

Thank you for your email dated June 5, 2015.

"On the sliding bracket, where the blade tension screw is located, there is a slot that has scale type markings on it. The top of the square nut can be used to determine a good starting point using that scale."

So unlike some of the newer models there is no "red mark" on my G1019-Z but they say to use the top of the square nut as the mark. I guess I'll give that a try.

Ghidrah 06-08-2015 11:14 PM

Look up flutter method.

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