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Guy White 01-08-2019 12:25 PM

Epoxy Seal Coat Question
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Hello Everyone - I'm preparing to apply a bar top epoxy as the final finish for a slab of wood I've been working on. I purchased EnviroTex Lite and have been reading the directions and have spoken to the company directly regarding application. There is a lot of informaiton on the flood coat, but not so much on how to apply the seal coat. The technician that I spoke recommended using a clean cloth to rub on the epoxy for the seal coat; making certain to fill any cracks and voids in the wood. They also said I did not need to worry about applying the seal coat evenly across the entire slab. This contradicts what I've read elsewhere.

I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on how they apply the initial epoxy seal coat - also how long do you ordinarily wait before applying the flood coat after.

As of now, I have applied a wood conditioner, stain, and a wax-free seal coat.

Thank you

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