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JDMeek2020 12-07-2012 08:25 PM

cherry flitch
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Ok everyone..this is my newly purchased board...approx. 5/4 thick...7-9 in. wide...nothing special...cherry...
i really want to keep lived edges...my questions for the people who do this kinda thing (it is my first time with this material) should I remove the bark? if I Dont remove bark how do I keep it from becoming a mess...I am leaving it in the shop I work at for about 3 days to acclimate...it is not a fresh cut or anything like that...it was reading at 13-14% on the moisture content meter
I know someone is going to ask the inevitable question...what are you going to make?? I DON'T KNOW!! ahhh I am just to excited to start to quibble for a tiny issue like that...ahha your suggestions are welcome

JDMeek2020 12-07-2012 09:49 PM

the more I look at pics of slabs on this site///the more jealous I am...I mean I only spent $21 for the entire board...guess I'll see what I can do

rayking49 12-07-2012 11:50 PM

Man, I wish I knew what to tell you. They would make beautiful tables, or anything else for that matter. I would sticker them whatever you do and keep them dry. You can make a kiln to dry them, sticker them in an attic where it will help dry them. Good luck with them and congrats.

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