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cabinetman 07-24-2008 11:41 AM

I'll Show You Mine-You Show Me Yours
No, this isn't a contest, but might have made a good one. Thought it would be fun to see what ya-all got. There's a 100ft, some Stanleys, and some off brands which I have no idea where they came from. Also some small ones. LOML likes the white one that's credit card size...she keeps it in her purse.

What I call my "collectors tape" is the Blum. One of my distributors gave that to me as a freebee for buying a buncha their stuff. Anyone got one of those? So if any of ya got a crazy little tape collection, lets see it!

smitty1967 07-25-2008 11:25 PM


Terry Beeson 07-26-2008 02:26 PM

If I could find them all, I could start a museum... I'll have to get 'em together and take a pic...

firehawkmph 07-26-2008 10:20 PM

one of mine
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Here's one of mine,
I have to get some pics of the others.
Mike Hawkins:smile:

Daren 07-26-2008 10:54 PM

Hey Mike we have a thread about that http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=2167
What you have there with the box and all those dang irons, kinda seems like it is taking up valuable shop space. (I mean the rosewood handle is not even worn, reckon you don't use it :no:) I would help you clean up the place, that is a sincere offer just between buddies...I'll pay shipping and all :laughing:.

firehawkmph 07-27-2008 05:45 PM

Your right Daren,
It doesn't get any use. I bought that plane probably 25 years ago from a local antique shop I used to visit periodically to see what kind of old tools they had. I've also picked up some old tools at flea markets over the years. Most are hanging on the walls in my shop. I'll take more pictures.
Mike Hawkins;)

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