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firehawkmph 07-04-2019 03:25 PM

Walnut and Ambrosia Maple Mantels
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I made two new mantels for a remodeling project in my own house. I have a see through fireplace that I am going to cover in a split face travertine limestone. So I made the mantels from some rough sawn stock I already had. The corbels were made from glue-ups and threaded inserts were installed in the top of each one to allow for thru-bolting through the bottom of each mantel. I also wanted an outlet in each one so I made a template for my router after finding some cover plates that were flat on top. That turned out well. I cut some white oak up for french cleats to mount them. And also I had to plane the ends on the inside edges where it sits against the wall, as the walls aren't perfectly straight, corners stick out just a bit more than the centers. Finish was semi gloss lacquer. Most of the wood was from local trees, with the exception of some of the walnut being from Peru.
Mike Hawkins

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