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Paul Montgomery 07-02-2019 02:59 PM

Beekeeper's Toolbox
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The Beekeeper's Toolbox is a little different than most toolboxes because it holds different tools!

stuffucanmake 07-03-2019 04:59 AM

This is a gorgeous tool box!

Mycrossover 07-07-2019 12:56 PM

My old boss kept bees. I remember calling him fom home to tell him that bees had swarmed and were in a tree across from my house. He raced across town with a box, just beating out another aparist. He took them home on the train. Can you imagine if they had gotten loose? Nice box.

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Paul Montgomery 07-08-2019 01:12 AM

Losing a box of bees on a train would make you famous. And not in a good way!

John Smith_inFL 07-08-2019 09:14 AM

very nicely done Paul !!

just saw on this morning's news:
the USDA reported that professional beekeepers
lost 40% of their population just last year.
it is highly encouraged for anyone that can keep a hive or two,
to put a couple in the back of their property.
beekeeping can be a very rewarding project.



Paul Montgomery 07-09-2019 01:13 AM

Thanks John. Yes, beekeeping is a very rewarding project. I just pulled out over 6 gallons of honey rewards this month. I never thought I'd be so interested in bugs!

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