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dgac 01-20-2009 08:23 PM

What lathe do I need?
Well first of all I'm new the turning on a lathe and new to the site. I really would like to turn some pens to start off. Then move into bowls. My father has turned things before so I can learn from him but he hasnt done it in awhile so my questions are what kind of lathe do I need to turn pens and bowls? I know the lathe should have a high rmp for pens but unsure about bowls. Also I see there are tons of different brands of tools. I would like to buy a quality lathe and tools but probably cant afford top of the line. It would be ok if I can only turn 6-8in bowls. I have a good supplier of exotic woods locally but would like a point in the right direction on pen kits also. Any and all information would be great. Please treat me as I know nothing because I really dont know much. I have purchased Turning Pens and Pencils by christensen and Burningham. I havent got it yet but its on the way. Will be looking for a good book on bowl turning also! Please help


jfs477 01-20-2009 08:35 PM

i believe that bowls are slower speeds as they go up in size. i want to do the same thing n i was thinking about getting the jet 1642 but i'm not absolutely sure. best of luck.


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