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RickKr 05-14-2019 12:25 AM

Installing New Blade, Alignment Bothers
I just installed a Forrest WWII combo blade on my Sawstop Jobsite saw (JSS).

Two things.

First, what an awesome blade! I've never seen a cut so clean and smooth. No wonder it creates beautiful glue ups. I had trouble finding saw marks, both on the pine strips and the Baltic birch plywood that I was cutting to make a crosscut sled. The BBP cuts looked like factory edges, actually better than factory edges.

Second, what a PIA to adjust blade alignment on the JSS. The adjusting screw is deep down about even with the arbor, in a location/position where the blade has to be loosened and moved over to get a hex key in there to adjust it. Then tighten the blade and check the alignment. Then, loosen the blade, adjust again and check it again. Finally got it to about one thou. What a pain. A very poor design requiring essentially uncontrolled trial and error due to having to "dismount" the blade for every adjustment. Sure, one can cut down a 4mm hex key, but why do I have to modify a tool to do this? Why did SS design it this way?

All that aside, I continue to be thrilled with the JSS, as it is a quality saw and the stowability is perfect for my shop situation.


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