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minuteman62-64 05-31-2020 07:47 PM

Band Saw Tire Adventure
I've got a Gil-Built (Gilliom) 12" bandsaw, circa about 1978. Originally built it in preparation for building a boat - still haven't built the boat, but still have the band saw. I haven't used it heavily, but it has always been there, ready to go, for those jobs that just fit a band saw. Only issue was that a lot of times I'd go to use it and the rubber tires were all split and rotted.

Finally, in 2012, I bought a set of those orange urethane tires hoping to end the tire rot issue. It worked great till yesterday, when I went to use the saw and the upper tire walked off the wheel. I also noticed the lower tire could be slid side-to-side on the wheel rather easily.

Based on my internet research (depending on the site/poster) the problem is either that (1) it is time to replace the tires; (2) I didn't heat the tires in hot water prior to installation; or, (3) I did heat the tires in hot water prior to installation. I can't actually remember how I did the install back in 2012, but, based on my readings, (1) or (2) seem like the most likely cause of the failure.

Yesterday, when the upper tire walked off the wheel, shortly after starting the cut (kind of an exhilarating experience), I needed to make one cut on the bandsaw to complete a project . Didn't want to wait for new tires to be delivered or go shop for them. So, I cleaned both the wheels and tires with alcohol, reinstalled them and looked frantically around my shop for some sort of adhesive. My can of 3M spray glue emitted a small bubble and then gave up. My tube of 5200 was rock hard. Only thing I could find still in usable condition was a small tub of Elmer's Stix All. That's all the tube said - no other info on potential uses. Wanting to finish the project this weekend, thought I'd give it a try. So worked the Stix All under the tires with a tooth pick and let them sit till after supper. When I went back out to check, I couldn't slide the tires off the wheels.

Today I was able to complete my cut and finish the project. No slippage at all on the tires. I'm going to order another set of the urethane tires, assuming 8 years was a reasonable life span for the 2012 set. However, just as an experiment I'm going to see how long the Elmer's Stix All (whatever it is) continues to hold.

JIMMIEM 06-02-2020 01:00 PM

Next time the tires fail try the black friction tape tire trick. I bought a small bench top band saw at a yard sale and before spending more $ for good tires I bought some friction tape and made tires out of it. I found some Youtube videos describing doing this. I was skeptical but it worked. Somebody even posted a technique for cutting a 3/4" wide roll of tape down to 1/2", which was my tire size.

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