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AmishElectricCo 04-03-2019 09:28 AM

#80 Cabinet Scraper Setup?
I added a Veritas cabinet scraper to my arsenal. Out of the box, it performed decent - but produced sawdust rather than wispy thin shavings. No problem, they all need some blade honing, right?

I went to work on my diamond stones and flattened the back of the blade. Course/fine/extra-fine, then a final polish on the leather strop. Next, I fine tuned the bevel - same process. Finally, I used a burnishing tool and created a burr. Now my scraper performs worse than it did out of the box. It's producing nice shavings, but the surface is left a bit rough rather than glass smooth.

This is my first time attempting this, so this is just SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess), but I think I have too much of a burr. It's difficult to describe, but the burr feels like it's too thick? Maybe I rounded over the edge of the bevel too far?

Looking for some guidance here.

gmercer_48083 04-03-2019 10:09 AM

Anthony, In this video He sharpens, but does not burnish. There is a good chance you turned the burr too far. I would try to change the edge with the burnisher by only very little...starting parallel with the bevel...then add a tilt while burnishing of about 5 degrees. I have a Union no 60, and found it only takes about 5 to 8 strokes with the burnisher to do this.

AmishElectricCo 04-03-2019 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by gmercer_48083 (Post 2048347)
...it only takes about 5 to 8 strokes with the burnisher to do this.

Okay, I definitely overdid it then. Guess I'll take that burr off and give it another shot. Thanks for the tip, Gary! :vs_cool:

gmercer_48083 04-03-2019 12:14 PM

I saw a YouTube demonstration (I think from Lie Neilson), about cabinet scrapers, and learned that from that. I also made my final decision to buy the Union 60 scraper from that video. My scraper allows me to overcome that problem because it changes angle (tilts), like the Lie scraper does. The other thing is use the rag in a can, and when holding, with your thumbs firmly in the area just behind the edges behind the blade, and firm downward pressure to help prevent chatter. Skew as necessary as you would with a hand plane. It should leave a glossy surface over knots.

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