Can Woodworkers Benefit from Facebook Marketing?

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It goes without saying that Facebook is kind of a big deal. As the most popular social media platform in the world, businesses large and small have embraced it as a way to reach out to current and potential customers.

Facebook marketing has grown significantly during this time, with over 2 million new advertisers making use of the site since 2015. There’s obviously an appeal to marketing on Facebook, but is it right for everybody? More specifically, is it a good marketing option for woodworkers and small-scale craftsmen?

Facebook Marketing Techniques

There are a few different ways that marketers and business owners take advantage of Facebook’s reach. Sometimes their marketing techniques take the form of traditional ads purchased on the platform like you’d see with Google AdWords or other types of digital advertising. Facebook marketers can also bring specific posts to the masses as well, though “sponsoring” them so that they appear in users’ newsfeeds in between posts from friends and pages they follow.

There are also other marketing techniques that are popular on Facebook that revolve around building a following for a business page. Shared posts, contests and the all-important “likes” go a long way toward increasing your popularity, even without spending a lot of money on ads and sponsored posts.

There is often a lot of effort put in early on to help the page become popular, but so long as you’re putting interesting content online you’ll be surprised at how well a page can sustain itself once it’s established.

Benefits of Facebook for Woodworkers

The popularity of Facebook marketing is all well and good, of course, but can it really help you as a woodworker? If you intend to sell your work, it certainly can.

Even if you simply want to show off what you make, you’ll find some benefit to using Facebook as a marketing tool. You may even earn yourself the occasional commission or custom order.

Building a Facebook presence for your work helps fans and customers stay in touch with you online. Whether your work is commercial or not, this can have a positive effect on how your work is received. If you aren’t selling your pieces now but are thinking about it in the future, building a Facebook presence and promoting your work on the network can give you a solid audience to advertise pieces for sale later on.

What Type of Marketing Should I Use?

The type of Facebook marketing you should pursue depends on how you operate and whether you actually have work for sale. There’s no sense spending a lot of money on ads if you’re just trying to show off your work. Likewise, you don’t need to advertise around the world if you only sell pieces locally to those who can pick up the items themselves. Facebook allows you to target ads to certain areas or demographics, so you can control just how large of an area your ad coverage reaches.

Of course, if you can get the job done with a business page and contests that bring in “likes” and “shares,” then you may not have to spend anything at all.

Is Facebook Marketing Beneficial to Woodworkers?

Regardless of your aspirations and budget, there are Facebook marketing options that can help you grow your business and show off your work. Don’t shy away from greater exposure simply because you think you’re “just a woodworker” and not big enough to market to larger crowds.

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