Buying Wood Online: Is it Legit?

Buying Wood Online: Is it Legit?

It’s 2020, so not only is it a new year, but it’s the start of a brand new decade and online shopping isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s gotten to where you can buy pretty much anything off of the internet; clothes, cars, furniture and even wood. Incidentally, that last one is why we’re all here today.

Sure, you can get wood from online, but the real question here is, should you? Is it reliable? Can you depend on getting quality wood without getting taken advantage of and if you can, where do you shop for it? For those of you just bursting at the seams with curiosity, read on and you’ll get those answers that you’ve been seeking.

Should I Buy My Wood Online?

Long story short, yes. At the very least, you should consider it. The apprehension of buying things online is strong within many of us; it can be difficult relying on a place that you can’t actually visit to deliver you high-quality goods, so feeling that way is completely reasonable.

The thing about working with wood, though, is that if you want to utilize your skills to the best of your abilities, you need good if not the best materials to work with. Now, this is not us knocking local stores and providers, but the fact of the matter is, sometimes, they just don’t have what you need.

Because these places are, well…local, sometimes you don’t get a huge amount of variety and even that aside, industrial distributors tend to have pretty big requirements that make it so that you’re stuck buying a certain amount of product. Just as a general example, it can be hard finding brighter, more colorful types of wood because local suppliers usually only have darker more common choices like oak. Once you have settled on a kind of wood that you want, you’re probably going to have to get at least up to 1000 board feet. The problem is that often times, that’s way more than you will ever need.

Buying online mitigates, pretty much all of those issues. The fact that it’s an online store means that they would have a much more expansive collection of wood from across the globe. The possibilities may not be endless, they sure are numerous. You can visit the website of your choice, search for the kind of wood you want, and odds are they’ll have it or at least something that pleases the more exotic pallet. These services will ensure that your wood gets to you safely as well by placing it in secure packaging and sending it via UPS or other delivery means.

So Where Can I Get Wood from Offline?

As stated earlier, there’s plenty of good places to get good, beautiful wood from online, that you may not be able to get locally. Here are just a few of those places:

Steve Wall Lumber Co. – As it says on their website, they’ve been selling wood for over 30 years. They do have a warehouse located in Mayodan, North Carolina so if you are interested in and able to visit, they welcome you to do so.
Bell Forest Products – They offer custom milling so if you are interested, you can contact them about it.
Constantine’s Wood Center – They’ve been around for quite a long time – over 200 years – and offer wood and hardware – These guys are a bit on the pricey side, but they’ve got plenty of great wood and tools for you to choose from. (woodworkers source) – As with the rest of the excellent sources for great wood, they’ve got plenty of it.

We hope that we’ve managed to quell any fears that you may have about shopping for wood online. It really is a great way to find some of the more exotic stuff that you may not be able to find locally. If any of you have shopped online for wood, let us know how your experience went, we love hearing from you!

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