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Are You Doing Your Woodworking Chores?

Are You Doing Your Woodworking Chores Regularly?

For many hobbyists, woodworking chores might not seem that important; for professionals, these tasks are more than just optional. They’re tasks that must be done if the shop’s going to operate efficiently and safely. Even so, some of us can get a bit lackadaisical when it comes to woodworking chores. Below are some of the more significant ones that many …

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Making Beautiful Music with Woodworking


Woodworking lets you make some absolutely amazing pieces. Whether you make tables from reclaimed driftwood, cabinets with a rich lacquer finish or restored antiques that will be cherished for countless future generations, there’s a beauty found in working with wood that’s hard to replicate in any other medium. Do you sometimes find yourself craving something more, though? If you’ve never …

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