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Picture small workbench for the home
A while back, I was at a Harbor Freight parking lot sale and
I spied a wooden workbench still in the box – the box seemed to have been through
some rough times. it appeared to have been dropped and tossed about. It had a $50 sticker on it.
it had the original nylon straps on it so it apparently had not been opened to check for damage.
$50 seemed a bit high for a “Pig in a Poke” – so I offered $25 and they helped me load it !!
basically, it had some broken joints, split this and that, minor stuff that some screws and epoxy couldn’t fix.
I cut about 6 inches off the legs to be comfortable sitting in a chair (like a desk).
the two left hand drawers were broken so I moved them to the right after repairs were made.
I started this project with my daughter in mind (she is 45) for her very own personal woodworking/crafts/hobby station.
she is an accomplished craftsman and has had a rough life and has never had a chance to have her own “stuff”.
most of the tools shown will go with the bench as a surprise present – Heritage Pass Down thing.
basically, I took this broken bench project, made a box frame for the pegboard and two fluorescent lights
under the top apron so they would be out of sight. There is a power strip on the right hand leg.
routed some grooves for the 3/4” recessed T-Track. I have all the hardware for the hold-downs.
made the small inclined carving desk out of scrap wood for when you need to get your work off the flat table.
(3/4” pegs on the bottom). the round dog holes are metric so they had to be sanded out to be the
standard 3/4”.
the standard T-Track really makes a positive addition to the table.
under the right side table edge, there is a steel bench vice that fits securely in the end vise.
oh – the black phone on the right is my very first family phone from around 1950s.
John Smith_inFL 10 Yesterday 09:13 AM
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Hope you enjoy some of my projects. Variety of wood species including live edge.
Saw Dust Rules 24 11-17-2019 06:50 PM
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